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Outlander 2008 Dual Audio Hin-Eng BRRip MKV Format Mediafire Download

Outlander 2008 Dual Audio Hin-Eng BRRip

Outlander 2008 Dual Audio Hin-Eng BRRip

Rip Info : BRRip
Duration : N/A
Imdb :
Genre : Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Release Date : 2008
Language : Hindi-English
Subtitle : English
Source : Outlander 2008 Dual Audio Hin-Eng BRRip
Starring: Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles and Ron Perlman
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Synopsis:The story begins when a spacecraft tears through Earth's atmosphere and streaks across the sky, crashing into a Norwegian lake in 709 AD. From the wreckage emerges Kainan, a soldier from a faraway planet, and a deadly alien stowaway called a Moorwen. Before he has a chance to track down the alien, Kainan, the Outlander, is captured by a Viking warrior named Wulfric and held prisoner in the local village led by King Rothgar. Gradually, as the Vikings come round to believing his story about "hunting a Dragon", and after he saves the King's life, he is accepted into their society. Flashbacks reveal his history where man and monster both seek revenge for violence committed against them: Kainan's people came to the Moorwens' world, killing them all and claiming it for themselves. One Moorwen survived, however, and slaughtered all the colonists, including Kainan's wife and son, after the armed forces had left. As the Moorwen "Dragon" ravages the Viking lands, killing everything in its path, Kainan forms an alliance with the primitive but fierce warriors.

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