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Please note that we do not host any copyrighted content on this website. No data is hosted on our server. We only give information about movies, softwares and what not..! All the comments are by our users and we are in no way responsible for them.

However, we offer a service to remove comments and posts from our website if the copyright holder of the content requests so. These removal requests are only valid if:

* You are, or your company is, the copyright holder of the content in question.
* You provide the exact URLs to the comment.
* You provide the complete name(s) of the content in question.
* You send the removal request using a verifiable email address (e.g. address@yourname/

If your request complies with all of these rules, contact us through this form.

Please keep the correspondence polite.

We remove postings as soon as we can, usually within 2 days. Keep in mind that we can only handle removal requests that comply with the above rules.

UTV Pirates takes your privacy seriously. We do not collect any personal information about you. This page describes how we treat your personal information. Please read the following carefully.

Privacy protection

To protect the privacy of our visitors, we do not log IP addresses or hostnames of our visitors. However, we may log some IP addresses for administrational purposes. Please keep in mind that all comment submissions are anonymous, no login is required for commenting.


We may write and read so-called cookies to store the preferences, search keywords of users.

Email Addresses

Though we require your Email addresses to deliver our newsletter to you but we also guarantee that we will not share that list with anyone.
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